Saturday , 19 January 2019

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Category: Essays

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  • Grown-Up Christmas List

    Grown-Up Christmas List

    As Christmas somehow continues to sneak up on us, I have been asked several times what my Christmas list includes. I can think of a number of treasures that I think I really want, ...

  • When Play is More Than Play

    When Play is More Than Play

    By Ian Anderson This morning my son came into the living room and, without a word, began to retrieve the Lego blocks he’d put together the day before. For several minutes he search ...

  • In the Asking

    In the Asking

    By Ian Anderson Yesterday morning I watched as my sons played Chutes and Ladders. All seemed well in their world: they laughed at the thought of doing the “naughty” things that mad ...

  • What to Do?

    What to Do?

    By Kendall Vogts What to do? As a teacher, enjoying his or her summer break, that seems to be a question that comes up often and is usually followed by a smile or smirk and glazed ...

Defining and Redefining Love

Defining and Redefining Love

Guest essay by Ian Anderson My wife and I are in the stage of life where the most romantic gesture comes in the form of sleep, with sleeping in as the red rose. Three boys, seven ...

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Love from the Perspective of One Dating

Love from the Perspective of One Dating

Guest essay by Kendall Perry I have been in a loving, committed, dating relationship light on who I really am, the woman who was many times for over a year now. not herself in ord ...

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