Importance of Journalism

Todd Vogts, publisher

Journalism is under attack, and, as a journalist and member of a democratic society, I feel it important to do whatever I can to defend journalists and the industry as a whole, especially in the polarizing political climate we currently live in.

Journalists and the organizations they work may not always get everything right, but they are working to perform an important duty. They are informing the public about matters of significance to society. Sometimes this society consists of the local community, and other times it concerns national and international happenings.

A free press is the cornerstone of a democratic society, as is made clear in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Journalists work to keep government accountable, regardless of who the president is or which party controls Congress. The force the government, which is supposed to be working for the people, to operate out in the open so society knows what its tax dollars are being spent on.

There are outliers in the industry, just as there are in an sector, that degrade the reputation of everyone else. The “fake news” phenomenon doesn’t help the reputation of journalism, but those taking part in “fake news” aren’t creating journalism.

In an effort to support good journalism, this month’s cover feature consists of work from student journalists. Now more than ever, when there is so much negativity being thrown toward journalism, we need to support budding journalists as they work on the craft that is so important to our society so they might go out into the world and be able to do good work in telling truth and informing the masses.

I hope you enjoy their work and support your local journalism in all ways possible.

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