This could have been about Banana Cream Pie

By Kendall Vogts

keyboard-3-1195697As the wife of the editor, I am asked to write a short article every now and then, and for past articles, it was very easy. I would match my topic to my feelings, memories, thoughts, or personal experiences about whatever major holiday happened to be in the month. For example, in November, my article was Thanksgiving related. In December, it was Christmas related. In January, I brought in the New Year with all of you. And now that the holiday season has passed, I am finding it difficult to decide what to write about. The time between February and early March seems to just pass slowly; one day at a time without any holiday excitement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I recently found out that March 2 is National Banana Cream Pie Day, and I probably could write a cream pie themed article. However, I will spare you!

This month, I’m straying away from my normal writing themes and would like to dedicate this article to my oldest sister: a rockstar mom (about to bring her third baby into the world), a master chef, a woman of God, a member of her church praise team, and a blogger who always seems to know what to write about.

Now, you might be wondering why I will spend the rest of a magazine article talking about someone none of you know. But as a stay at home mom and a very strong Christian woman, I feel as though her story and life are very relatable.

My sister felt called to use her heart and her skills as a writer to start a blog. At first, I think it started out as a an outlet; something to do and a way to share how God was working in her life through her experiences, quiet time, and through her family. If you look at the “About Me” section of her blog, she gives a very good description of who she is and why she writes.

I can truly say that as an accidental article writer, I am blown away by her talents. She brings a liveliness to her posts by sharing stories and events from her daily life, ways that God is working on her heart, and by adding humor into the text. But what is most impressive to me is that her message always comes out so clearly. Her theme and purpose for each blog post captivates her readers and many times, I see comments telling her that what she has written is exactly what they needed to hear!

If you are a mom, wife, teacher, lover of good stories, in need of a good laugh, or in need of encouragement, I urge you to check out my sister’s blog!

Being 8 years younger, I have been so inspired by her as I have grown up. She has been my encourager, a listener, a prayer warrior, an example, and a friend. I truly believe that through her posts, you will find exactly what you need! If you are someone who is searching for an outlet, I encourage you to start writing a bit each day. Write down your joys and praises, your fears and concerns, the stories of your children saying or doing funny things. Just write!

Please feel free to join my sister and many other women at as they search and seek to live their busy lives abundantly in the love and shelter of Jesus. In what seems like season of monotony, my hope for you is that joy and peace start to bud within you as a beautiful spring makes its entrance.

Kendall Vogts lives and teaches in Central Kansas. She is married to WFM publisher Todd Vogts.

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