May brings change, anticipation for future

WFM_May2015PMThe school year is coming to a close, and that means graduation time is at hand.

This might mean Kindergarten graduation, eighth grade graduation, high school graduation or even college graduation.

Regardless of the level of education your loved on is completing, this is a big deal. It is a milestone in life. It is something to be celebrated. Make sure you take the time to praise those who are moving onto the next phase of life.


That’s kind of the theme of this issue of Wichita Family Magazine.

Essayist Ian Anderson shares his thoughts on making time with his children and family, and contributing writer Taryn Gillespie shares a story about a woman who truly understands the value of every day we are all lucky enough to spend on this Earth.

Don’t waste it. Enjoy it, and make the most of it.

This is important to keep in mind because with Spring fully underway and summer right around the corner, it is easy to get sidetracked by the myriad of distractions popping up with the rise in the temperatures outdoors.

I know I always have a laundry list of activities I want to get accomplished when the weather becomes nicer, but it is important to build in time to do what is truly important — enjoy the company of those closest to you.

Maybe that means taking a trip to a fun location, or maybe it means sending your children off to a summer camp so mom and dad can have much needed time together. No matter what it means to you, ensure you make the time to accomplish it.

For me personally, this means getting married to the woman I love. A lot of time is being spent on planning it so everything runs smoothly, but my fiance and I need to remember to enjoy the time together.

There have been instances where we’ve both gotten frustrated with try- ing to get the guest list down to the right number or figuring out meal and tux options, but we shouldn’t allow this to cloud our vision. Even when we are frustrated, we need to take solace in the fact we are frustrated together, starting our lives as husband and wife.

Also, we need to remember to be in the moment on our big day. We can’t let the details bog us down, especially if they don’t all go according to plan because, let’s face it, they probably won’t.

Instead, we just need to enjoy the moment and savor the time together with our family and friends.

After all, that’s what’s truly important.

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