Dodge students enjoy visit from author Patricia Polacco

Dodge pre-k and first-grade students laughed every time they heard, “No, no, no!” during author Patricia Polacco’s visit to the school. Polacco repeated the phrase several times as she retold the story in her book Babushka’s Doll. The students laughed each time they heard the phrase because Polacca was imitating herself as a naughty little girl, stamping her foot. When the author asked if the students knew the name for grandmother in her books, they all said, “Babushka!” For two weeks,

Dodge students read Polacco’s books which tell stories of her childhood, including her “rotten red-haired brother and her Babushka.”

She also talked about parts of her book, The Keeping Quilt, showed a replica of it and explained how it impacted her life.

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