On the move with K-12

Some 43 million Americans representing 16 percent of the U.S. population pack up and relocate each year. We are a nation on the move, and although relocating can be very exciting, it can be taxing on a family, especially children.

Kids can have a hard time saying goodbye to their home, neighborhood, friends, activities–and most importantly, their school. What’s more, families are left to face the hurdles that come with finding the right school to meet their children’s needs. The majority of public schools are not created equal.

For example, states have different rules and regulations (the proverbial red tape) regarding K-12 education. There are different course transfer policies, entrance and testing requirements, and—what many families discover to their dismay—schools from one state to the next have different grade-level course requirements. Students might be required to repeat courses that they already have taken, or they could miss a core course (say geometry) that was offered at the grade below their entering grade level. Many families also discover that the number of elective, advanced, and special needs courses can be thick or thin, depending on their state and school district.

An Easier Transition

The Straub family—Alicia and Will and their two daughters—of Ellinwood, Kansas, has moved enough to know the ins and outs of adjusting to different schools. But when the family recently relocated from Pennsylvania—where the girls were enrolled in Agora Cyber Charter School—to Kansas, the choice was easy: Lawrence Virtual School (LVS), a tuition-free online public school serving Kansas kids in grades K-10.* Both Agora and LVS are virtual public school programs powered by K-12, the nation’s leading online education provider for grades K-12. With K-12, learning happens online, wherever an Internet connection can be found.

K12 online public schools, or “virtual schools,” are currently serving students in over half the states, and D.C., and the number of students is rapidly growing. In fact, with more than one million courses delivered to date, K¹² is the leader—by a wide margin—in providing learning programs to public schools in the U.S. These schools are free to parents and offer K¹²’s acclaimed K-12 program providing an individualized educational experience like no other.

Prior to Agora, Alicia specifically knew the type of program she wanted for her children: Her oldest daughter is a fast learner, so she wanted a curriculum that was challenging, coupled with a program that is accredited and available nationwide. She also knew from experience (serving as a substitute teacher in public schools) that some schools have limited course offerings and, she noted, that teachers often have to spend a lot of their own time on “crowd control” instead of teaching.

“I did look at local public schools, but I found, for example, that one school only offered two language classes, whereas my daughter had many foreign language choices, and, in fact, she is taking Latin this year,” Alicia said, adding, “Kids today need the tools to compete in the world; they need more education options.”

With the move to Kansas, the “portability” benefit paid off, Alicia said, and both girls had a seamless transition. “I first chose K12because I really wanted a program that was accredited and nationwide—and when we moved, I didn’t want to start over,” said Alicia. Her daughters will start first and third grade this fall. In fact, both daughters are ahead a grade level.

Social Connections

Alicia knows there is a myth that kids who are not educated in traditional schools are isolated and miss out on opportunities to socialize and have fun with their peers. “It’s kind of the opposite because of the flexibility that the LVS curriculum allows,” Alicia explained. “My kids are involved in all sorts of activities, from 4-H, church groups, tennis, track, and T-ball, and they have lots of friends and do what all kids do at their ages—stay active and have fun.”

Award-winning Curriculum

“What I like about the LVS curriculum is that my daughters are getting a stellar education and they are learning things, that, quite frankly, I didn’t learn at that age. And everything is tied together, so if my oldest is studying history for example, the art course will tie into that historic period, so she’ll get a total understanding of that period … I really believe this is the future of education,” Alicia concludes.

Lawrence Virtual School is currently accepting enrollments in grades K-10. Find out more by joining us at an event—online or in person. Simply visit K12.com/KS, or call 866.644.8320 to learn more.

*Annual technology fee required for enrolling students.

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