Editors Note

Have you ever had an, “If I’d only known that back when…” moment? That’s the experience I had the first time I found out about these huge kids consignment sales in Wichita. I immediately starting running all the numbers through my head about how much money I could have saved over the years!
My first child was at least a couple years old before I really started taking advantage of consignment sales and consignment shops. I was the first of my friends to have kids and I wasn’t yet plugged into a mommy network that would hook me up this kind of knowledge. Five years later I have sold a ton of clothing and baby equipment
at various local consignment sales and, of course, I’ve purchased countless items.
In this issue we’re introducing you to several local consignment sales. We’ll tell you what they’re all about and list their upcoming sale dates and locations. Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, etc. should keep these sales in mind for clothing, toys and more. What a great way to clean out your house and give other
families a great deal at the same time!
Another great connection that we’re featuring in this issue is information on an organization called Child Start. This is an unbelievable group of people who are dedicated to making sure that you find the best possible fit with a childcare
Child Start also has many training programs and offers counseling for providers to make sure they are offering the highest possible care to area families. If you’re looking for childcare or know someone who is, this is a great resource and the perfect place to get started.
We’re also featuring an Education Focus in this issue. It may be summer right now but the school year is quickly approaching. Check out the different options and see decide what avenue is best for your family.
Let us know what you think of the stories, ads and other info that you find in Wichita Family! We’re always ready to welcome our readers’ feedback! Email me at jessica@wichitafamily.com or look for our fan page on Facebook.

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