Smart for life: Losing weight one cookie at a time

Smart for Life—located at 6611 East Central, Ste B in Wichita, and reachable by phone at 316-295- 2900—is a locally-owned company that offers a nationally-renowned diet system and diet products to the area.

Smart for Life is a diet that incorporates  convenient, healthy meals in the form of cookies that are eaten every couple of hours, accompanied by water or non- caloric beverage of choice. The cookies serve as six small meals during the day then a healthy, high-protein, low-fat dinner of your choice is enjoyed in the evening, consisting of lean protein and 2 to 5 servings of vegetables and salad.

The diet is designed to retrain the mind to eat in a way that is healthy and that will not only help the participant lose weight, but keep it off in the long term.

After trying a variety of other diets, Chris Hedrick discovered that Smart for Life was the way to lose the weight and rethink how she thinks about food.

Chris has been off of the cookies and on regular food since September and has been thrilled with the way she feels. It has changed her life. She is healthier and has more energy to enjoy life.

“I didn’t feel good, I felt tired and just heavy,” said Hedrick. “With losing the weight, it has been better on my joints and my feet. I am much more aware of portion sizes and calories.”

Hedrick lost 35 pounds over the four months that she was on the diet.

“What I really liked getting out of this whole episode is the fact that I feel healthier and that I am healthier and I feel like it helped motivate me to keep on an exercise routine,” said Hedrick.

Fellow dieter Kathy Summers lost 87 this past year on Smart for Life.

Summers enjoyed the convenience of the diet but stayed strong thanks to the fact that the cookies and other products helped her always feel full and satisfied throughout her busy day.

She also is encouraged by the one- on-one attention and focus that she receives from the Smart for Life staff when she weighs in each week. Summers plans to continue visiting the store to weigh in and follow up with the staff during her maintenance phase so she can continue to receive the accountability that has been so important to her success.

“I think the biggest thing to me—because I’ve lost more than this before but I’ve not kept it off in the past—is that I feel like this time I have support and it’s helped me realize that there are easy things to cook, it doesn’t have to be about going out and eating or grabbing whatever is quick,” said Summers.

What is also helpful is knowing that Smart for Life staff members understand that life happens, said Michelle Davidson, owner of Smart for Life of Wichita.

Davidson and her staff understand that there are ups and downs in life and if something changes and weight fluctuates, there is no reason to be embarrassed about coming back in and getting back on the diet for a week or for a month.

Get the weight back on track, eating back on a routine and get back to your regular routine.

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