Making a dental ‘Impression’

Whether entering Landreth Team Dentistry for a routine cleaning, cosmetic procedures, your child’s first dental visit or anything in between, expect an experience in personal, professional care.

Dr. Will Baker and his team have created an environment that is welcoming and friendly and leaves the patient with a refreshed feeling after each dental visit.

The detail-focused practice pairs its emphasis on comfort and communication with high-quality technology and a dentist who is dedicated to making himself the best he can be for his patients.

Patient-first philosophy

As a new patient at Landreth Team Dentistry—4620 E. Douglas, one block west of the intersection of Douglas and Oliver—don’t expect to walk in to the first appointment and be rushed directly to the dental chair.

The central philosophy of Landreth Team Dentistry is put the patient first. The first way to do that is by talking with the patient before performing any work, even a routine cleaning.

“A lot of people who come in, when they lay in the chair it’s a guard for them, especially if they’ve had a bad experience in the past,” said Dr. Baker.

Each new patient speaks with New-Patient Coordinator and Dental Hygienist Natalie Eastman before heading to an exam room.

“We sit down with each new patient and talk with them, listen to them about their past experiences, what their wants are and what their needs are,” said Natalie.

In a non-clinical setting, Natalie discusses the patient’s expectations and is able to establish a relationship with the patient, all before even sitting in a dental chair.

If necessary, during later exams and procedures, the team is able to put this knowledge into practice and help the patient to receive the best possible care in the most comfortable conditions.

“Because we find out their needs early on, the patients don’t even realize that we’re using these special considerations when we’re treating them,” said Natalie, who has been with Landreth Team Dentistry for 22 years. “That’s just something we’re able to put into practice because we spoke with them about their needs.”

Dr. Baker and his staff continue to explore many options to provide patients of all ages with the most comfortable dental visit.

Sedation dental services are available for adults and children who are especially apprehensive or require extensive work. As an added measure of comfort Dr. Baker uses a strong topical numbing agent before administering any anesthetic.

An educated, community-conscious team

Landreth Team Dentistry was established in 1967 by Dr. Estel Landreth. Four years ago Dr. Baker joined the practice to learn from the experienced Dr. Landreth.

“Dr. Landreth is my mentor and really is the best around to teach me everything

I need to know,” said Dr. Baker. “I didn’t want to come out of dental school and just go from there. I have learned valuable skills and knowledge by joining him and now taking over his practice.”

In addition to choosing mentors who are the strongest in their fields, Dr. Baker emphasizes continuing education for both himself and his team as an important part of serving his patients.

“Dentistry can be boring if all you do day-in and day-out is clean teeth and fill cavities,” said Dr. Baker. “I find it refreshing to continuously be learning more and finding new and innovative ways to offer my patients the best possible treatments and solutions to their dental needs.”

Dr. Baker takes many continuing education hours each year that go above and beyond the requirements by the state. He and his team also take part in team-building education that furthers their abilities to help patients feel comfortable during visits.

“When you’re building a home you need a good floor plan, a good builder, a good interior decorator to end with the best home,” said Natalie. “It’s the same for a good dentist. You need a good support team, a high-quality lab, all of these things prior to starting the actual treatments so we’re able to have the best outcome.”

The office also has bonded by taking part in numerous community projects either by donating time or services. Rather than Christmas parties in recent years, the team has given back by visiting and donating to patients at a local hospital.

The team also is involved in school dental checks, Special Olympics checks, and donates services to several local charities. Dr. Baker has visited numerous area middle schools to do a Meth Mouth presentation that he hopes can make an impact and prevent future issues as well.

As one of the area’s leading dentists in the cosmetic field, Dr. Baker recently completed his second transformation donation for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s, “Give Back a Smile,” program that provides complimentary dentistry for survivors of domestic abuse.

Team up with dental professionals who care. Dr. Baker and his friendly staff will go out of their way to keep you healthy and comfortable.

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