Kid-friendly focus at Wichita Pediatric Dentistry

At Wichita Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Michael Iseman and his team have created an atmosphere that is professional yet as kid-friendly as they come.

Picture how your child’s reaction to the dentist might differ with televisions at each dental chair, video games and toys available and a staff that caters to kids each and every day. That’s just what you’re in for when your child goes for a visit to Wichita Pediatric Dentistry.

“As a pediatric office, we focus our attention exclusively on children and young people, therefore we’re more comfortable dealing with kids and their issues,” said Dr. Iseman, better known around the office as Dr. Mike. “We want an environment that is relaxed for parents and kids, where visits are enjoyed–not just endured.”

Dr. Iseman, a Wichita native and Wichita State grad, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2002 then completed a two-year pediatric-specialized residency program in Omaha.

By voluntarily completing additional requirements, Dr. Iseman became one of only a handful of dentists in Kansas who is a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

“The extra training I’ve had has helped me be more knowledgeable in dealing with kids’ psychology as well as the unique needs they have with their teeth,” said Dr. Iseman. “And because we work with kids each and every day, we are more comfortable doing it.”

Dr. Iseman, who formed Wichita Pediatric Dentistry in 2005, is married and has four children. As a parent himself, he understands how important it is to be accommodating to parents and comforting to the patient at the same time.

Parents are able to make use the free Wi-Fi connection and take advantage of the Starbucks Coffee machine during their visit. In addition, they are free to accompany their child during appointments if they feel more comfortable doing so.

“We have nothing to hide,” said Dr. Iseman. “If parents feel more comfortable being beside their child as we clean or fix their teeth, we’re happy to welcome them.”

Dr. Iseman also realizes that some children, regardless of surroundings, may be especially anxious of dental visits. Complete sedation is available for children needing extensive dental work performed. This service is administered by a CRNA and is often covered by insurance.

“Working with children and young people every day makes us more comfortable and allows us flexibility in dealing with each patient’s needs,” said Dr. Iseman.

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