editor’s letter

There’s something about the Fall weather that just brings out the little kid in me (and I think in all of us!) My family and I have been taking in the wonderful weather (scratching our heads at times; wondering if we’re really in Kansas). Over the past month and half, Christy and I have dedicated our efforts to bringing some additional fun to our seemingly ordinary outdoor landscape. Jay Lewis, at Backyard Specialists (you might have noticed all of the bright colors and playground equipment behind the east side Sam’s Club off of K-96, that’s where you’ll find Jay), helped us figure out the right
playground equipment for our two little daredevils. The folks at Backyard Specialists had our playground delivered in about a week and assembled the day it arrived. Needless to say, it’s been a huge hit. It’s amazing how many nieces and nephews suddenly have a new reason to visit Uncle Eric and Aunt Christy! In another effort to bring fun to our home, we decided to tackle another project this Fall–building a playhouse. Despite a few hitches during our construction (and nearly losing my thumb), I’m proud to say that our kiddos now have a place to call their own. Thinking we were pretty ingenious parents, we strategically put the playground and playhouse a good distance from each other to maximize our chances of tiring out the munchkins; guess what, no luck. It seems they have more energy now than ever – seriously, they don’t hibernate, do they? We hope you enjoy this month’s WF! Enjoy the Fall.

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